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Spa & Weekend packages

Welcome – enjoy your best times here!

Regardless of whether you are longing for a long, luxurious weekend or just need a timeout from normal life, we have the package to suit you. You can package the year’s celebrations as you wish, or just let ordinary days be extraordinary.

A shorter stay over the day with entrance to the SPA and a lunch at Sands Bakficka. Price 595 sek/person.
Come and relax in the early evening with free entrance to the SPA, and our classical prawn sandwich served in the restaurant. Price 695 sek/person.
A weekday package that offers entrance to the SPA, our nice lunch buffet and a 50-55 min treatment. 995 sek/person Monday-thursday. Fridays 1095 sek/person, afternoon tea is the included.
A weekday package that offers SPA, a 50-55 min treatment and you end the day with a two course dinner. Price from 995 sek/person.
Give the day a great start with a refreshin swim in the ocean from the Cold bath housem and our luxury breakfast buffet! Price 225 sek/person.
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Kallbadhuset par på bryggan
Our classical package offers a relaxing stay with arrival Monday-Saturday. Can be combined with a treatment. From SEK 1395/person.
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Kallbadhus i solnedgång
Package with arrival Friday or Saturday, with a luxury touch. From SEK 2795/person.
spa packages
Kallbadhuset interiör relaxdelen
A two night stay, Friday-Sunday, with almost everything included! From SEK 3295/person.
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Enjoy the courses Båstad GK or Bjäre GK. Package with greenfee, dinner and accommodation. From SEK 1895/person.
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Omgivning hamnen i Båstad
Enjoy the Bjäre peninsula with nice and beautiful walk along the coast, two over nights. SEK 3595/person.
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Enjoy a one night stay in bubbling Båstad, during the summer, with great food and SPA. From SEK 1695/person.