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What’s on in Båstad

Every day is a special day in Båstad, which has long attracted bon vivants. In the summer it bustles with a wonderful mix of tourists and residents. The autumn and winter are quieter, but just as pleasurable.

The changing seasons are noticeable and mean that you can return many times and always be met by something new. In the summer this is one of Sweden’s real hotspots. It has a busy pulse and there are crowds on the beach, in the marina and in town. The Swedish Open is played on the tennis courts next to Hotel Skansen and attracts many people to Båstad. If you sit at Sand’s Bakficka during those weeks you can count on doing a bit of celebrity spotting.

The countryside on the Bjäre peninsula is at least as beautiful in its winter clothes as it is in its summer greenery. Strolling along the 60-metre pier across a winter-white beach to Kallbadhuset is a very special feeling. What awaits you is winter bathing, a hot sauna and cool apple juice. Hallandsåsen, which stretches out behind Hotel Skansen, has a popular ski area with slalom slopes and a ski school. Moving around on the Bjäre peninsula is easy and the year is full of events. From spring to autumn, fresh vegetables, potatoes and food are celebrated at markets, culinary weeks and harvest festivals. Or there are art tours, garden tours, chamber music festivals, film festivals, Brazilian weeks and plenty more besides.

Welcome to the Bjäre peninsula and all its wonderful events!

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