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Below the beams of Hotel Skansen, history is literally in the walls. It was built as a seed warehouse in 1877, but was rebuilt in the 1920s making it a hotel and meeting place for prominent guests who wanted to bathe and play tennis.

Even before it was built, Båstad had created bathing history by building a “kallbadhus” for sea bathing, just where the hotel’s present Kallbadhus is located. Ludvig Nobel used the hotel as a tea house and a glamorous place to mingle with the rich and famous during his best years, and King Gustaf V was a regular visitor who also competed in the precursor to the Swedish Open – the Swedish Championships.

Hotel Skansen is now a high class resort for conference, weekend and á la carte guests who are looking for culinary experiences, spa sensations and the best of what life has to offer.

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What our guests say:
“I can definitely say that Hotel Skansen is in a class of its own.”